The Sword Of Cortes Rob Kidd

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The Sword Of Cortes  by  Rob Kidd

The Sword Of Cortes by Rob Kidd
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I found this book at a Booksale branch and, since I liked the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series, bought it. (It was also cheap). But...The plot is so fast and flimsy, with not enough development of character. I know this is the fourth of a series, but it would have helped those who havent read the others to know more about the characters and the circumstances.

Maybe its because its a book written for children.And a major factual error: Cortes was no saint, but the Aztec civilization was not a model for good behavior either. The Aztecs waged wars in order to expand their territory and capture prisoners for their blood-soaked ritual sacrifices. It was just their misfortune that they found in Cortes and the conquistadors a more violent opponent with better weapons.

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