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Tiny Java 8 Book  by  Juha Peltomäki

Tiny Java 8 Book by Juha Peltomäki
| Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 260 pages | ISBN: | 7.76 Mb

Tiny Java 8 Book is suitable for a rapid and straightforward introduction to a new, functional world of Java programming language. It is still going through all the main features of the Java 8 language, such as object-oriented programming, interfaces, exception handling, file handling, Generics, collections as well as JavaFX.

This tiny book is suitable for both as a Java 8 course book and for self-studying. It also covers the basics of JavaFX which is now in Java 8 the new default user interface programming library.Java 8 will bring long-awaited support for functional programming. The book covers the lambdas and Stream API, and explains these new features patiently. In Java 8 the most important new feature, namely lambda expressions are represented as a functional interface object type. They offer a way to passing a lambda expression to another function which allows passing also behaviors not only values.

Additionally, Java 8 can take advantage of parallel processing in multi-core CPUs.With Java 8 you can write more readable, generic, flexible, reusable and more expressive code. All Java developers should learn these new key features of Java 8 quickly. All Java developers should know how to mix the use of object-oriented and functional programming styles.

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